EEEEEATSCON Los Angeles By Infatuation 2019 Recap


Y’all enjoy comicon, but this is the type of convention that us foodies are down for. A casual Saturday stuff-fest, and this curation of LA’s best restaurants was truly worth buying a ticket for (only $15 + the cost of all the food you’ll want). Hint, it was a lot of food you’ll want. Anyways, the event was well thought out, well setup, and well branded. We were handed a map upon entrance, and we’re smart so we made a bee-line to Shake Shack. Lines grew as the day progressed, and so did our bellies. But, truly recommend this event for the foodie, the want to be foodie, and the Angelino who wants to discover the city. Three cheers for EEEEEATScon, and a special high-five to the day’s winner, Shake Shack x Petit Trois.

Ranking My Favorite Restaurants I Tried:

  1. Shake Shack + Petit Trois

Shack Shack burgers are already stacked up as one of the best burgers in Los Angeles. Nobody should be surprised that when you pair Shake Shack up with one of LA’s top restaurants, Petit Trois, the pairing will equal a masterpiece.


Rank: 9.8/10 (Needed some Cheese Fries)

Address: EEEEEATSCON Exclusive


  1. Tacos Y Birria La Unica

My first time trying these tacos and honestly they blew me away. The quesatacos were the perfected combo of melted cheese, meat and of course the delicious tortilla. It may have taken the #1 position from my other favorite taco in Los Angeles- fighting it out with the Chicken (Aka cheesy chicken) tacos from Loqui.

tacos y birria la unica tacos


Rank: 9.4 – wanted some guac


  1. Triple Beam Pizza

If this was delivered to my house I would have a hard time not having a whole X-Large pizza to myself. I am a little biased because I love thinner crust, but also the cheese and herbs were the ideal recipe for an ideal tasting, authentic pizza

Triple Beam Pizza

Rank: 9.1 – Slice was too small



  1. Everson Royce Bar

If you are into melt in your mouth, buttery, flaky biscuits and honey butter on the side, Everson Royce Bar is your place to go. I am eager to try the rest of the menu because these biscuits were a tease for me. I left wanting more so well done to Everson Royce Bar, and  you will see in your restaurante soon.

Everson Royce Bar Biscuits

Rank – 8.9 (Didn’t have knives to butter my biscuit)



  1. The Beefsteaks


All the way from across the pond, The Beefsteaks shared with us their signature steak frites. The fries were nicely cooked, the chimichurri sauce was the perfect amount, the meat was juicy. Only negative was that, the meat was slightly undercooked for me. If it was more cooked, this could have jumped up a spot in my ranking. #bloody

Rank: 8.5 (I think I got the less cooked meat)



  1. Milk Bar

Milk Bar is one of my favorite dessert places in LA, BUT I didn’t think they put their best foot forward to knock it out of the park for this event. They gave me frozen bday truffles that I had to wait to eat, they only had one cookie choice (compost cookie – Corn Cookie and Confetti Cookie are my favs), and no ice cream or CAKE. My favorite thing at milk bar is BIRTHDAY CAKE. If cake is your best showing (which it is) then why leave it at home?



  1. Trejos Donuts

Trejos Donuts on the astethic front, knocked this out of the park. But, hate to be a hater but these were dry? Not dry as can be, but not as moist (sorry for my word choice) as we need a Pinata donut to be. Pinata = party, and these look like a party and taste like a work function. Still cute, though

Pinata Trejos Donut

Rank: 5.5 (Need milk, water, and all beverages because sorry #dry).


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