Must Try Cake Locations in Los Angeles

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Multiple Locations – My Favorite: Malibu

One word: butter. Perhaps taboo in LA’s health crazed culture, but not in these parts of the interweb. Butter and cake go together like peas and carrots. It’s like, let’s take two of the most scrumptious, rich, crave-inducing foods and let’s pair that shit up. Hot tip: when getting this takeout (we’ve tried it, you should too) make sure to NUKE it. We plated the cake, it looked like we were seated in the Mastro’s main dining room, took our insta pic, and then dug in… only to find that butter needs to be melted! The more you know #microveavablemastros

R and D Kitchen

Santa Monica

Hear us out on this one. Carrot cake, though controversial, is a gift. A gift to us all. If carrot cake isn’t your favorite type of cake, we understand. If carrot cake isn’t in your cake top 5 list, please click the red circle at the top of this browser. Now that we’ve made sure we’re talking to the carrot cake crew, let us break it down. The raisins! The frosting! The layers. The fact that this isn’t a cinnamon show and that carrots peak through every forkful, and the fact that this is at a restaurant and not a bakery just shocks us. We are in love, we will wait in line, but this is reservationsguy, so we’d rather not have to.

Sweet Lady Jane

Multiple Locations – My Favorite:Santa Monica

Berry cake. Healthy (right?), refreshing, and creamy as all heck. You can’t beat this take on this flavor combo, and the atmosphere is prime for a cakedown. Grab a pot of tea, a friend, at least a slice per person, and prepare for a berry good time.

Hillcrest Country Club

West Los Angeles

The hardest reservation on this blog, but find a way in and thank us after. Let’s talk COCONUT CAKE. We love it, you love it, but it’s so hard to do. Do we want to have cake that tastes like sunscreen? No. Do we want cake that tastes like pineapple? Hard no. Do we want un-pinappley coconut cake that is rich as can be, layered ever so precisely, and positively poppin with flakes, frosting, and moisture (sorry, trigger word). YES.

Susie Cakes

Multiple Locations

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Celebrate with Celebration🤩 | 📸: @saltnsprinkles

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Funfetti oo na na. Party on at Susie Cakes, and embrace the fact that this is a chain. In Marina Del Rey and having dinner alone? Susie Cakes. In Calabasas and on your way to a family get together? Susie Cakes. In Brentwood post Soul Cycle? EarthBar. Oops, we digress. Anywho, Susie cakes is where it’s at for mainstream flavors, cute decoration, and it just feels very LA. Caveat, if you grab a slice instead of a whole cake, dryness may occur. So, cupcakes or whole-cakes only.


West Hollywood

Hit me with your best cakes! This place is for Instagram. We all have Instagram, so bring your phone and your sweet tooth. Things to mention: it looks too chocolatey, but it’s not. It looks like your average chocolate cake, it’s not. It looks like it could feed four, it won’t. We are all about this, and as non-chocoholics, this ranks high on this list. Like top 3, but this definitely takes the #1 spot for creativity and presentation. Hit me!

Milk Bar

West Hollywood

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Family portrait 2k19

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MY FAVORITE CAKE I’VE TRIED (Period). This cake screams PARTY TIME. It’s called Birthday Cake for a reason aka celebration in your mouth. The perfect mixture of crumbs, cake, and frosting that will leave you in awe. Not only does it taste delicious, it looks like food art. If you love funfetti, sprinkles, surprises, and cake, then look no further. Your birthday could be any day when you have this cake. Happy Birthday to you!

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