Review: Michaels Sports Pub and Grill

Price Range: Under $30

Takes Reservations: No

Order Online: DoorDash

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Online Reviews:

Google Reviews: 4.2/5 ⭐’s

Yelp Rating: 3.5/5 ⭐’s

Facebook: 4.1/5 ⭐’s

Reservations Guy Review:

89% (B+)

NFL Sunday, College Gameday, Saturday Night Partying, Karaoke Night, Family Dinner, Birthday Party? Michael’s Sports Bar has got you. We love places that are neighborhood gems, and Michael’s is the perfect example of a beloved restaurant that will have you coming back again and again. Other sports bars don’t hold a candle to the vibe at Michaels, and not to mention the food is the best in the area.

There is a reason Michael’s Sport Bar has been open for over 20 years, it’s not just a place to watch sports, drink, and it’s not just about  the award winning wings . It’s a place where you can feel the passion the owner, Michael, and everyone who works there puts into making sure everyone leaves having had a great time.

Now, let’s talk about the food. Not only do they have award winning wings, their pizza is a real star. So many choices to choose from, and over-ordering is something we encourage. 🙂

Food Overview

Loaded Fries

These are the fries we live for. The sour cream is essential to making this already creamy dish overflow with flavor. The cheese is perfect — just the right amount, and a wonderful consistency that leaves you craving more. The bacon is chopped finely, dispersed generously, and distributed carefully. And the chives add color and veggies. These are a fun meal for one, and a great appetizer for the table.


Michael's Sports Bar Wings

There is a reason they are award winning wings. The favorite is the buffalo wings, but since my stomach’s weak when it comes to spiciness – I opted in for the Garlic Parmesan and Sweet Chili. The sweet chili were my favorite. The perfect blend of sweet and savory sauces on top of a meat bone. Don’t forget about the ranch. The ranch is something special. If I wasn’t judged . I would drink it.


Michael's Sports Bar Pizza

When we think sports bar we don’t think pizza. We’ll we were wrong. Michael’s pizza is essential to every order, and the ranch that accompanies it is drinkable. We can’t get enough of this ranch. We digress, but basically the pizza has the perfect crust, generous toppings, bold flavors, and isn’t greasy. We’re in love.

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