Best Restaurants in Westlake Village

Made in Italy

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This restaurant is Made for a trek out to Westlake. It’s worth it. I’ll put this on record: I’ll drive over an hour (and I’ll face traffic) for this pizza and pasta. The food is extraordinary, but the set up and feeling that you’ll get while eating here is why this restaurant tops this list. A communal watering hole, with shared tables, the most friendly owners, and a visibile kitchen. Get a simple Marg pizza and taste the freshness, delicate hand, and amazing crust. We’ll be back again and again, and we are in love with this concept and this food. 

The Landing

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Lakeview and oh so yummy. The sushi here is the real winner, and we love a lunch time bento box. Grab an iced tea, a bento box, and a few baskets of their amazing rolls to start (The butter is presented cutely with a little design in it- we love adorable butter!!). You’ll come for the view, but you’ll leave having had a super solid meal. 


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North Ranch’s pride and joy. The menu is intimidating, but the staff is so friendly. If you’re a chicken parm and vodka sauce pasta kinda girl or guy (us), great. They’ll make it (and no it’s not on the menu). Anything you’re craving, can be done. And most importantly, done really well. Also, shoutout to the garlic knots- we love you. ❤

Lamppost Pizza

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Let’s talk old-school. Having grown up in the WLV, I can’t think of a soccer party, pizza party, or month that didn’t involve this amazing pizza. No frills, but somehow the best pizza I’ve ever ordered for delivery. This is NOT the artisanal LA pizza that we’ve come to know and love (@Roberta’s bee-sting). This is thick crust, parmesan that comes in packets, and stuffed animal games inside the restaurant dining. And to be honest, that’s why Lamppost is the best: comfort food, standing up on it’s own and hanging with the best of em. 


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Despite some funny encounters with the staff (@ the waitress that eye-rolled at my mom), we’re big fans of CiCi’s. This is gluttony with a capital G. Gluttony. Cookies and Cream ice cream pancakes, dessert covered waffles, and fucked up french toast. There’s a time and a place for CiCi’s, and the time for this is when you’re wearing your stretchiest pants. 

Brent’s Deli

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As tribe-members, we know deli. While this doesn’t hold a candle to our one true love, Agoura’s Famous Deli (located in Agoura so not allowed on this list), we are Brent’s regulars. The steak fries are the best in the business, everything feels authentic, it’s always PACKED, and the menu is as long as can be. We come here for comforting anything, and we come back because well… everyone else does! Kudos to Brent’s. 


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The single most sceney place in Westlake. Prepare to run into at least 10 people you know, and prepare to not find a place to sit. Stonehaus as a concept makes sense, but Stonehaus in execution is extraordinary. The crows keep coming, and keep getting bigger. So, what does Stonehaus do? Expand expand expand! Valet to fix the parking lot issue, no wine flights on the weekends to fix the lines, and yet the lines will always be there. This is an institution, and we can’t come into town without a stop. The cheese plate will rock you. 

Onyx – Four Season Westlake

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When the Four Seasons remodeled (beautifully done we might add!), we were happy and sad. Happy for an update (#modern), but sad for Onyx. There is no better sushi in Westlake, or in this part of the world really. Every roll is excellent, the atmosphere is sexy and secluded, and you’re at the Four Seasons. That’s where we want to be, so this is convenient. We love you Onyx, like so so much. 


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The perfect casual, no-frills but still quite nice brunch. Adjacent to Stonehaus (Convenient), and packing a punch with the menu. All the egg dishes here are great, and nothing feels greasy or too contrived. That perfect balance that we so crave. 

Lakeview Garden

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If you know… you know. Lakeview Garden is the best chinese food I’ve ever had. There, I said it. I can’t describe the flavors. Think of your favorite dish, and then think of the best version you’ve had of it. Then, think of if all of the versions all lived under one roof. Enter, Lakeview freaking Garden, the hero of this list. Family owned, always crowded, and right in the heart of town. I’m drooling as I type this. 


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