Review:Chef Z Austin BBQ Tour

When you think of Austin and Texas, the first thought that comes to mind is where do I get the best BBQ and maybe queso/tacos (😉). It’s a big conundrum — where to get the best BBQ? Well, we know someone who can help. Actually, we know someone who can take you on a BBQ TOUR. Yes, I said it, a real life “BBQ Tour”. If you want to try some of the best BBQ in Austin, look no further and take a tour with Chef Z Austin.

Chef Z Austin BBQ Tours will take you to three or four of the best BBQ spots in Austin ranging from a top five well known Austin BBQ spot to a hole in the wall secret gem. Not only will you try some of the best BBQ we have ever tasted, but you get to have a wonderful tour guide, who was a chef for over 20 years, who knows his Texas BBQ inside and out. His name is Ric, and he’s an amazing host, tour guide, and storyteller.

Now that  I’ve told you about this amazing BBQ tour which is a one of a kind experience. Let me tell you about some of the places we visited. 


First Stop: Leroy and Lewis

Not only is this started by a future, James Beard award winning pitmaster, this has a delicious twist to texas BBQ. I highly  recommend you try the smoked beef cheek. Yes, I said it. Beef Cheek. It is absolutely delicious, flavorful and mouth-watering that will make you want to wait in line again for seconds.  

Next, I would try whole hog pulled pork. As a self-proclaimed pulled pork lover, I’ve known some good pulled pork in my day. This takes the cake, and it’s so flavorful, and crunchy in an amazing way. Highly recommend!

The beans here are nice, but the grits are where it’s at. The perfect accompaniment to this meal, and something we’re craving right this minute. 


Second Stop:Brown’s Bar-B-Que

The brisket here was the best of the day (by far!). Perfectly cooked, beautifully presented, and the best we’ve ever had.

The turkey here is a great twist, as it was our only light meat of the day. :)=

The macaroni and cheese was HEAVENLY. Truly delicious, and in our opinion the best side dish to any BBQ feast.

Now, let’s talk Banana Pudding. This is so good, we got one to go. A lone vanilla wafer sits atop the pile of pudding, and we can’t describe how delicious it is. Craving this now, too!

Brisket, Turkey, Pork Ribs, Mac N Cheese, Banana Pudding, Potato Salad


Third Stop: Black’s BBQ

The best macaroni of the day, and a true Austin classic. The sausage stole the show meatwise, and the atmosphere was comfortable, inviting, and slightly touristy. This is Black’s BBQ, and this is Austin afterall! There’s a lot of out of towners, and this is a must see.

Fourth and Final Stop: Lula Mae’s

Angel, the owner here, is our new best friend. Full of joy and cooking skills, she delivers the best assortment of casual BBQ out there. Located in the back of a small market, Angel cooks up Turkey Legs, all of the usual Texas BBQ meats, and so many side dishes. Standouts were the ribs, green beans, and peach cobbler. Oh the peach cobbler! Freaking perfect. 


Lula Maes Brisket

P.S. The banana pudding was sensational too and worth a mention. 🙂

Banana Pudding

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